• 5 Golden Rules for Dating a Sugar Daddy

    You are sexy and you know it! Why waste your most prime years with a broke man who can't even cater for himself properly when you can get all the luxuries of life just by saying yes to some older but financially stable man? Many girls have contemplated sugar daddy dating at one time o their lives. The few courageous ones decided to give it a try and have enjoyed the thrill that comes with this kind of dating. However, if not well handled, sugar dating can end up to be your worst dating experience. It doesn't have to be that complex, stick to the following rules and you will enjoy you will be able to enjoy each moment with your sugar daddy.

    1. Be honest and straightforward

    Sugar should not have all those dramas that come with other types of relationship. everything should be simple and straightforward. Total honesty will save your relationship from both petty and sensitive issues which can make your sugar daddy to drop you like a hot pan! As a sugarbaby, be straightforward about your needs and expectations. Tell him what you expectations.

    Tell the sugar daddy everything that you think should be addressed in the relationship, time that you are always available, the gifts that you like and the allowances that you would wish to get.

    5 golden rules for suagrdaddy dating

    2. Do not be emotional

    Keep your emotions for your boyfriend. A sugar daddy chose sugar daddy dating because of the convenience that comes with it. He is looking for someone who won't give his hell of time (like his wife). Don't throw your tantrums and do not nag him. Regardless of how bad your day was, try to play cool and aim at giving him total satisfaction. Sometimes his game in bed may be too good that you will start getting emotionally attached to him. By doing this, you will treading on a very dangerous road.

    5 golden rules for suagrdaddy dating

    3. Be Secretive

    The society has a way that it views sugar daddy dating and the sad news is that this type of relationship is always regarded as evil. You will always be perceived as a gold digger or a homewrecker. Your mother will give you that weird look even if you are giving her expensive gifts from your sugar daddy. The sugar daddy may be a respected person in the society and his name will be soiled when such a relationship comes into limelight. Do all that it takes to make the relationship private, people should not know about it.

    Do not fill your social media accounts with photos that you took with the sugar daddy while on holiday in an exotic location. If you do, filter his part off and let it appear that you are alone.

    4. Be hotter

    He chose you and is still with you because literally you are 'sugar'. Continue to be sweeter and your relationship will survive to see another day. Do not think that after bagging him you can start to put less effort on your looks. Thousands of other potential sugar babies are lining up waiting to grab your sugar daddy. Be the best version of yourself.

    5 golden rules for suagrdaddy dating

    5. Lower your expectations

    Most of the time sugar daddy dating is a contractual kind of relationship and you should not keep your expectations very high. Have an open mind about it and do not put 100% into the relationship. It can end any time when you least expected, so it is always good to have a plan B.