• How to use sugar daddy website "sugardaddymeet.com"

    Put your "sugar-coat" aside! Sugadaddymeet.com is an online dating website that goes straight to the point. There are definitely cases where the couples that met here have become engaged or even married. But, the site does not focus on that. The objective here is to form a beneficial relationship for both parties.

    If you are a rich man in search of beautiful women for a discreet and no-games relationship, or if you are a girl in search of a man that can give you a comfortable life, this is the right place for you!

    - Using sugadaddymeet.com

    1. After going to the site, you will directly be prompted to a simple form.

    2. Enter your desired information. Note that the site offers bisexual relationships, but it is still limited to wealthy men and beautiful girls only. This means that if you are searching for a rich woman (sugar mama), or a gay relationship with a rich man, it will not be possible on this site!

    3. Press the "Find My Match" button. You will then be directed at a profile filling form page.

    4. Enter your data, age and email. If you have the time, read the Service Agreement and the Privacy Policy pages. But, it is important to know that the site will not share your information with any third parties. After finishing, click on the blue "Start" button.

    5. In the next page, enter your first name (it will not be visible), a username (this is the "name" with which the people in the site will refer to you) and a password. Press "Keep going".

    6. Enter the information regarding your location and press "Keep going" again.

    7. Enter your height, ethnicity and your relationship status. This is what makes the site special. Even if you are married, you can be open about it. You can find a discreet partner that knows what you are really after.

    8. After that, you can import a photo from Facebook (nothing will be posted on your Facebook page) or from the computer. And then, you can continue to the next pages.

    9. Here, you will be asked to write a catching phrase (this will increase your chances), a description about yourself and what you are searching for in a relationship. At the latter one, be precise and to-the-point. Remember there is no need to sugar coat things here!


    Now we have finished with the registering process. Using the site is simple and intuitive. You can enter your desired data and search for what you are looking for. Or, you can look at the right of your page. Here you can see some of the site's recommendations and the newest members. In the bottom of the search form, you can see the activities of the members.

    You can simply select the people you find interesting and message them. But that is not all! Sugardaddymeet.com has some unique special features. The most important one is definitely the verification process. The company behind the site has more than 16 years of experience in the dating business. So, it is not that strange that they take professionalism really seriously. This validation process allows sugar daddies (or rich men) to prove their income and their information. For the sugar babies (beautiful girls), the process consists of a profile pic validation through identity documents. This way, there will be no surprises! You can be sure to meet the exact person you were hoping for!

    The site can also be easily accessed on mobile phones through the IOS and Android applications. The method in the apps is similar to other dating platforms. If you like the person, you simply scroll to the right; if not, scroll to the left.

    Do not be shy! Talk to the people and be active. Sugardaddymeet.com does really not disappoint in results!