Having got tired of dating young boys and immature men; I tried dating someone else older than me by at least twenty years. It is not old age, it is called, experience. Just like an employee with experience in what they are doing, turned out that my mate really knew what he was doing. But that is not how it started.

    I got into a sugar daddy website and after a series of questions, managed to get a username. I setup my profile and ensured I put my sexiest photo as my profile picture. I had to make sure I specify the age restrictions because there were plenty of men in this website willing to give anything to have you. After a number of profile views and stalking, I set out to reply the messages flooding my inbox. I settled specifically on one sugar daddy that struck me by his fitness. The name sugar daddy did not exactly fit him so I renamed him my king. He was so religious with his gym sessions that I had to get used to two hours online absence for him to exercise. When the wait was no longer bearable, we decided to meet.

    The meeting point was at a bar and restaurant not far from where I stay. I wasn’t very sure whether I wanted to do this. Being my first time, I decided to hang around my place just in case I change my mind. How wrong I was! I found my king already waiting for me. He stood to hug me then pulled a chair for me. Damn! The cologne he was wearing was the rare kind. So gentle was he that I immediently felt composed. Before I knew, I was pouring my heart to him. He listened patiently, when I was through, he gave me that reassuring look, kissed my hand and told me all was well now. That he would give me first class service that would make me throw out my rugged past. I was feeling good already. The Harriet wine transformed the whole evening into an almost fairy tale.

    Time flew so fast. After we were done with the dinner, he took my hand and led me a walk. The breeze was nice until I started freezing. To which he took his coat and covered me with it. After a few moments of staring at the moon, we headed at the car. My plan was that he drops me at my place. Indeed we reached at my place, but couldn’t believe I was going to miss this warm embrace so I changed my mind. We decided to head at his play. And yes it was an experience I never regretted! Looking forward to another one soonest!