• My Sugar Daddy Dating Experience (Emily)

    Contrary to popular perception, sugar daddy dating is not all that odd; it’s rather fun and efficient. Once I developed interest in it, I thought to myself about the various ethics that I would be breaking but then I realised this isn’t about ethics - this is about living life to the fullest and making other people happy while doing it. I mean, who doesn’t want to make money by sleeping and looking good?

    First Meet

    It was an online sugar daddy dating portal that I met my first sugar daddy and I must say I was immediately taken aback and mesmerised to see his slick hair all combed back with a gel, his macho chest, his partially developed abs region as well as his sharp dressing.

    At first, I thought he was a fake because like everyone else, I believed that sugar daddies are basically old and ugly men with nothing to offer as far as relationships are concerned.

    However, when I noticed he had a 100% authentic profile, I felt floored immediately. I chatted with him for days and on certain occasions; we did video calls at night. He seemed like a nice banker who had several wild ideas in his mind but was really respectful. It took him two days of chatting to bring up the topic of sex; I was impressed with that too.

    Personal Meeting

    I met him physically at a coffee shop, he was a sweet guy who spoke for a long time and had a broad sense of humor. He had a great way of talking, and seemed to be interested in all of my stories.

    His entire body language was so pleasing and the fact that he was not at all disrespectful made me keep admiring him for some time. After a while he held my hand “gently” and kissed it saying how beautiful I looked. He agreed to pay me handsomely just to be his partner.

    I was so into him this time so I accompanied him to his mansion and we had some wild sex. It was so good that I couldn’t get enough. As our affection got stronger, I couldn’t help noticing that every day he used to wake up before me and deliver breakfast in bed and the myth that sugar daddies only desire sex in exchange for money is totally wrong.

    Of course he really liked my breasts, kept looking at them from the get go and also liked to see me roam around naked most of the time. However, he never hurt me or insulted in any way. He appeared hell-bent on making me happy always.

    The overall experience

    I always thought sugar babies were a tool of enjoyment for sugar daddy’s and that sugar babies would never command any respect from these men. Well, I was wrong. From giving me some extra money to buy new clothes to driving all the way back home, the entire experience was so great. Another interesting thing that I found out is that sugar daddies actually don’t mind being seen with sugar babies. They don’t think were a disgrace and for the money they pay, they can take us anywhere they want.

    Overall I liked the experience and the money I was making by offering pleasure and beauty. Sugar daddy dating is a great platform to experience some of life’s best.