• Sharing the date experiences with Australian sugar daddies I ever had.

    As the old saying goes:”when you killed a cow you need make it burger”, as what I ever doing with Australian sugar daddy since 22 years old. In 2007, as a graduated new woman from Columbia university also broken up with my boyfriend yet, I moved to Canberra alone and rent a house into the new life style, after 2 months efforts I met my first job in bank and everything goes well and there are no people jokes in me for my American-English. I also loan to buy a car despite pay $850 dollars back to the bank but always enjoy that kind of life style.

    The nightmare coming without any forecast, in 2008, the global financial crisis attack the AUS also including me, after 5 months I broken up and can not support the basic lifestyle, I quit the car and house move into a poor dormitory. I found out quiet by accident that some of my girlfriends set the sugar babby as work and benefit a lot, so I also trying to seek the sugar daddy websites Australia online and find some sites, but I wouldn’t register as a member even as paying members immediately, I chosen the three registered and trying to chat with someone who called mature sugar daddy, for me, a broken heart single lady, I will not sink in the emotion again but try my best to make my own life better and better. I want experienced the dating differ than before that enjoy the sun sunbath on the yacht, hold a champion party for me and join the fashion show in Paris.

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    My first met sugar daddy in reality that after 3 months talk with a 48 years old man called John online and we determined met each other in local Italian style restaurant and we ensure that relationship. He will came to seen me three times per week and support all of my payments. John is a gentlemen despite he have five children but I do care about it. He are very carefully when we have sex and trying to avoid me as pregnant woman after three or four months.

    I still remembering the question he asked me in my birthday party in 2011 that what can he does something to meet my dreams as a sugar daddy should do? I was moved and told him I hoped we can last it for a long time and I want spent my leisure time in Tahiti and attend the Dior show in Paris each year like what the fashion shows. After 6 years later and the truth proved to me that he got it as what I ever wished.

    Meet sugar daddy Australia is easy but difficult if you have determined or just have a try.