• The Sugar Daddy Dating Experience (From Lucy)

    These days, the word “sugar” is no longer just a sweet test within food; sugar is a way of life. Various people would devote their lives avoiding it while others wake up searching for it. Yes, it is true that I am a Sugar Baby. My journey to becoming a sugar baby started after an emotional divorce with my former college sweetheart who turned out to be a gay man. With the divorce, freedom came to my insight, and the shocking experience made a curiosity to try new things. Many would rather ask me, “Why not date regular guys instead of becoming a sugar baby?” But for me, I didn’t need any other healthy relationship; I just wanted a companionship since I had already given up for marriage. There are so many intentions that drive me to become a sugar baby. Apart from my previous traumatic boyfriend relationship, I was much interested in the experiences and travel, concerns in the mentoring traits of having a sugar daddy to make links and get a foot in the door of my future career.

    The above motives sound reasonable to me, and I eventually tried out to access dating sites, reading the sugar blogs. I later discovered that a substantial number of men I met on the web were married and were seeking the refuge of satisfactions from the sugar babies. At only 25 years old, I would come to see more beauty in the world, than most would do it in their lifetime.


    My first encounter into sugar daddy dating happened before I could imagine and realize. I was gifted with precious amounts of money by a boyfriend during my initial stages of college relationship with him, to some extent, he put credit card by my name. I later realized on a TV that discussed a brief description of what a sugar baby entails, and I knew I was there From then on; I began to conduct extensive research into the lifestyle of the sugar baby, wanting to make the experience of everything by myself. I ended up signing up to numerous dating sites. On my sugar baby business, I encountered a sugar daddy that provided me with a $5,500 monthly allowance. It was only my first month of sugar baby life that I made a total of $3,200, all from different Sugar Daddies since a single date can gift me with $7,000.


    Sometimes, the experiences can go further beyond the dollars. In an occasion, I met a promising Sugar Daddy who took me on tour. Another instance I went on a 20-day cruise to one of the famous islands in the city. The beauty was undeniable, however the voyage open how dissenting we were.

    Being a sugar baby is my full-time work. I typically wake up in the morning and log into my account and start my job of searching for new potential sugar daddies on my personal blog and also social media. My advice for the rookie sugar babies is ensured proper safety measures such as; proper screening of the men before meeting them. Make sure that he knows your area and is there to check in with you. Once you know how to protect yourself, you will soon get the rewards of sugar dating!