• Those things you should not do in sugar daddy dating

    Have you ever heard of sugar daddy dating? Have you ever wanted to date a rich man? Or had wanted to dating a young and beautiful girl? Maybe you should have a try on sugar daddy dating. Sugar daddy dating means a wealthy and rich man date a young and beautiful girl. So, if you are interested in sugar daddy dating, you can give a try on sugar daddy dating sites which you like. But those things you should not do in sugar daddy dating:

    1. Dress up too casual or too exaggerated

    Nobody want to see each other wearing a broken corners of the jeans (especially a few weeks did not wash that piece), crumpled pickles dry T-shirt to appointment it! Neatly dressed dress is respect for each other’s performance, if the first meeting to wear too casual, no modification, equal to tell each other, you do not care about this date.

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    Sugar daddy can consider a casual dress (POLO shirt) or style casual shirt (stripes or simple geometric shapes), with plain trousers and dark leather shoes; Sugar baby can try a simple one-piece dress or two-piece Skirt. Jewelry do not wear too many pieces, or style is too large, too exaggerated. In addition, some small details are often overlooked, but it is easy to affect the impression of others. This includes:

    1, a messy or wiping too much styling agent, sticky hair.

    2, a piece of oil, people can not see your eyes glasses glasses.

    3, no pruning, exposed to see people’s nose hair.

    4, falling on the shoulders of hair and snowflakes pieces of dandruff.

    5, between the dark pants and shoes, revealing a pair of dazzling white socks.

    6, ladies legs wearing hook yarn stockings.

    7, too long, filthy nails, or mottled off nail polish.

    8, finally, do not think people can not see your pair of stained, deformed bad shoes.

    sugar daddy dating

    2. Be late, but also desperately to find excuses

    No matter where you attend – meeting, interview or date, late is absolutely taboo. Most late people can not be trust, irresponsible. Moreover, everyone’s time is valuable, no one would like to waste the time on people who can not do in a basic punctuality. There is a situation even more people knot, that is late is not the first to apologize, but pull a bunch of excuses for their own late off the crime.

    If you really can not avoid the incident and must be late, you should first make a phone call on the road to tell each other, do not let him (her) wait impatient, but called to ask you in the end when the appointment?

    The best time than the agreed time 5 minutes earlier, you can let yourself catch your breath, the way to sort out the appearance, and not rush, the gas can not get angry in the last second.

    3. The cash is not enough to pay the bill

    Credit card advertising is always said that a card in the hand can travel all over the world, but you still encounter some places have to pay out the cash payment. In order to avoid the time to find the cash machine, bite the bullet to the other side of the money for your embarrassment, it is best to go out, the first few wallet cash enough to cope with the cost of this appointment.

    By the way tell you that studies have found that when a person often go out to be penniless, used to pay credit card, or pay each time, only anxious to withdraw money, may let others think you are a dependent person.

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    4. Too eager to develop each other’s relationship

    Although the “love at first sight,” this kind of thing may happen, but only to see the first face, anxious to want to each other “stuck”, may shock him (her) panic to tell you: “Thank you, do not have to contact.” Escaped, lost the possibility of further interaction. In fact, the time is still long! Each other also need more opportunities to further understand each other, and to determine the feeling of each other. Slow down the pace, the mind on how to operate the next sugar daddy dating.